Experienced Team

Our long tenures extend across the breadth of technical and custom manufacturing teams at our South Haven, Tyrone, and Albany facilities. With our experience, team members, and our continuous growth of new talent, we offer expertise at all levels to support your project.

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Grace's team succeeds in complex fine chemical manufacturing

History & Evolution of Grace’s FCMS


  • Albemarle acquired Tyrone plant and ChemFirst Fine Chemicals business (2001)
  • Expanded reactor and added cryogenic and hydrogenation capacity (2002-2004)
  • Expanded capacity (2005)
  • Acquired South Haven plant (2006)


  • Zirconium reactor expansion (2009)
  • Expanded capacity (2010, 2012)
  • Expanded capacity and upgraded control systems (2014)
  • Added XRF analytics and LEAN manufacturing capabilities (2014)


  • Enhanced pilot scale filtration and drying capabilities (2016)
  • Added multiple large alloy reactors (2016-2018)
  • Added low vacuum, corrosion resistant distillation capability
  • Built new state-of-the-art QC lab, Control Room and Office Facility (2019)


  • Albemarle Fine Chemistry Services (FCS) acquired by W. R. Grace & Co.; becomes Grace Fine Chemical Manufacturing Services (FCMS)

Continuous effort to enhance and expand capabilities