Specializing in RSMs, Intermediates, and Ingredients

Our highly-qualified technical team solves complex challenges in custom chemical synthesis and scale-up from pre-clinical through commercialization. We offer customized product development, project management, and a deep understanding of organic synthesis supported by a cGMP environment.

The facility provides the vital building blocks for a range of products with high quality, high purity, made-to-order compounds that can be manufactured in quantities ranging from kilos to tons, delivered on time, and upholding the highest safety and quality standards.

Albany’s core products and capabilities include:

  • Chiral building blocks
  • Custom boronic acids
  • Solution phase peptides
  • Specialty amino acids
  • Dietary ingredients
  • Air sensitive chemistry
  • cGMP pharma manufacturing
  • Analytical method development and validation
  • R&D_Icon-1 (1)

    R&D Capabilities

    • Six staff chemists (3 Ph.D, 2 MS, 1 BS)
    • Large lab with 12 dedicated fume hoods
    • Microscale up to 50L vessel reaction capability
    • Nutsche filters
    • Fractional distillation (1-760 Torr, 25-250°C)
    • Hydrogenation (100 mL to 2 L, 0-75 PSI)
    • Dedicated R&D HPLCs and GCs
    • Onsite NMR
  • Plant_Icon (1)

    Pilot Scale Capabilities

    • Two separate pilot facilities on-site
    • Reactors range from 30 to 500 gallons (115 – 1,900 L)
    • Glass-lined, stainless steel, and Hastelloy® alloy

    Filters & Dryers

    • 32” Centrifuge SS
    • 0.67 M2 Comber HASTELLOY® Filter Dryer
    • 0.1 M2 AURORA® HASTELLOY® Filter Dryer (2x)
    • 0.67 M2 Cogeim HASTELLOY® Filter Dryer
  • Analytical_Support_Icon (3)

    Analytical Capabilities

    • UPLC
    • GC / GC-MS / GC-HS
    • FTIR / NMR
    • LOD, KF
    • ICP-OES
    • Malvern
    • Standard wet chemistry (USP and internal methods)
    • Polarimeter
    • Separate cGMP release laboratory
  • GMP_KiloLab_Icon (1)

    cGMP Kilo Suite

    • Clean room design with airlock and custom 12’ walk-in hood
    • Chemglass all glass vessels
      • 15 L, 30 L, 50 L, 75 L, 100 L
    • Huber 915 temperature controller
    • Operational ranges
      • -60°C to 200°C
      • 2 Torr to 10 psi
    • Isolation & Drying
      • 0.2 M2 AURORA® 316L SS Filter Dryer
      • Nutsche filters
      • Vacuum ovens
  • Large_Scale_Commercial_Icon (1)

    Commercial Manufacturing


    • Over 18,500 gallons (70,000L) of capacity
    • Sizes range from 500 to 2,000 gallons (1,900 – 7,600 L)
    • Glass-lined, stainless steel, and Hastelloy® alloy
    • Temperatures –20ºC to 110ºC
    • Hydrogenation (up to 75 psig / ~5 bar)

    Filters & Dryers

    • 48” Stainless Steel Centrifuges (3)
    • 1.0 M2 HASTELLOY® Filter Dryer
    • 2.2 M3 Stainless steel Rotary Dryer
    • 1.1 M3 Stainless steel Tray Dryers (2x)

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Tyrone, PA

Our Tyrone, Pennsylvania facility has more than 40 years of history in custom manufacturing and is where we develop or reverse integrate RSMs under non-GMP conditions.

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South Haven, MI

Our South Haven, Michigan facility is a full-service cGMP manufacturing site, containing everything required to develop APIs to commercialization, with all the necessary support capabilities.

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