A portfolio of class-leading active ingredients

Grace FCMS has a long history of supplying high-quality APIs to the pharmaceutical development market. Grace FCMS has developed some of the most notable APIs that are now part of our portfolio of generic products available to developers looking for a reliable supply chain. All our APIs are manufactured in the U.S. and adhere to strict cGMP requirements, backed by our excellent regulatory record. Grace FCMS supports you with technical service, regulatory information and guidance on efficient and effective production of the drug substance materials.

Reliability through experience

Our products are backed by a wide range of expertise and services, ranging from small to large volume production. Grace FCMS’s depth of expertise is highlighted by the active, ongoing custom API program that continues today, a legacy extending over 40 years.



  Grace FCMS Generic API Indication
01. Amifostine Cytoprotective adjuvant
02. Benazepril HCI ACE Inhibitor
03. Benzonatate, USP Cough suppressant
04. Diphenhydramine Citrate, USP Sleep aid, antihistamine
05. Fenoprofen Calcium, USP Analgesic, anti-inflammatory
06. Flurbiprofen USP & BP Analgesic, anti-inflammatory
07. Itraconazole Antifungal
08. Lidocaine HCI, USP & BP Topical anesthetic, injectable anti-arrhythmic
09. Lidocaine USP, BP & Ph Eur Topical anesthetic
10. Meclofenamate Sodium, USP Analgesic, anti-inflammatory
11. Milrinone Cardiotonic
12. Orphenadrine Citrate, USP & BP Muscle relaxant
13. p-Aminohippuric Acid, USP Renal function diagnostic
14. Pramoxine HCI, USP Topical anesthetic
15. Procainamide HCI, USP, BP & Ph.Eur. Anti-arrhythmic
16. Propranolol HCI, USP & BP Anti-arrhythmic, anti-adrenergic
17. Terconazole Topical antifungal
18. Tetracaine HCL, USP & BP Topical anesthetic
19. Tetrahydrozoline HCI, USP Vasoconstrictor
Reliability through experience

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